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January, 2016, "Remembrance, Reflection, and Resolution" July, 2016 (no article) January, 2017, "New Year's Day"
February, 2016, "Writing and Catharsis" August, 2016, "Go For It!" February, 2017, "One Phrase at a Time"
March, 2016, "Dreams and Inspiration" September (no article) March, 2017, "Creativity, with Help"
April, 2016, "Do Something Different" October, 2016 "Sabotage" April, 2017, "Last Column"
May, 2016, "Help" November, 2016 "Details"  
June, 2016, "PROs" December, 2016 "Pre-Resolution Musings"  




January, 2013, "New Year's Resolutions" January, 2014, "Change, Love, Mystery, Gratitude, Gifts" January, 2015, "Play Well With Others"
February, 2013, "Help With Songwriting" February, 2014, "Booking Gigs" February, 2015, "Go Deep"
March, 2013, "Composing Tools For Your Songwriting Toolbox Part 1: Rhythmic Phrases" March, 2014, "Songs vs. Poems" March, 2015, "WMA Colorado"
April, 2013, "Composing Tools For Your Songwriting Toolbox Part 2: Chords" April, 2014, "Why Didn't They Call Us Back?" April, 2015, "How to Write a Hit Song"
May, 2013, "Composing Tools For Your Songwriting Toolbox Part 3: Melody" May, 2014, "House Concerts" May, 2015, "Tech Tips"
June, 2013, "Dream Up a Song" June, 2014, "Producing Music" June, 2015, "What Happens on Stage"
July, 2013, "Songwriting Tricks" July, 2014, "Co-Writing Gone Bad" July, 2015, "Control is an Illusion"
August, 2013, "Emotion in Songwriting" August, 2014, "Vocal Techniques" August, 2015, "Grow a Thick Skin"
September, 2013, "Professionals and Amateurs" September, 2014, "Sometime Ya Gotta Work" September, 2015, "Use Complements Wisely"
October, 2013, "Promoting Yourself" October, 2014, "We're Stronger in Groups" October, 2015, "Rewriting and Editing, Part 1"
November, 2013, "Touring Musicians" November, 2014, "Songwriting Tips" November, 2015, "Rewriting and Editing, Part 2"
December, 2013, "Tips for Composing Music" December, 2014, "Not Writing" December, 2015, "Creativity"




January, 2010, "We've Come a Long Way, Baby" January, 2011, "Where are We Going?" January, 2012, "A Happy and Prosperous New Year Part 1"
February, 2010, "I Wanted to Fly" February, 2011, "Promoting Online" February, 2012, "A Happy and Prosperous New Year Part 2"
March, 2010, "I Wanted to Fly: After-play" March, 2011, "Calling All Singer-Songwriters" March, 2012, "Songwriting: Keep it Simple"
April, 2010, "The Age of Songwriters" April, 2011, "Co-Writing Part 1" by Ed Skibbe April, 2012, "Symbolism, Metaphor, Simile and Connotation" by Ed Skibbe
May, 2010, "Still Rambling" May, 2011, "Benefit for Locke Hamilton" May, 2012, "Songwriting Tips for Lyrics"
June, 2010, "What's a Song Worth?" June, 2011, "Co-Writing Part 2" by Ed Skibbe June, 2012, "Songwriting Tips for Music"
July, 2010, "Where Music Can Take You" July, 2011, "Co-Writing Part 3" by Ed Skibbe July, 2012, "Why Write Songs?"
August, 2010, "What a Difference a Word Makes" August, 2011, "Changing Song Tempo" by Ed Skibbe August, 2012, "Are We There Yet?"
September, 2010, "Reinvention and Inspiration" September, 2011, "Patience in Songwriting" September, 2012, "How Many Side Roads?"
October, 2010, "Writer's Block" October, 2011, "Writers' Block" October, 2012, "Performing Tips"
November, 2010, "Museum of Musical Instruments" November, 2011, "Rambling" November, 2012, "More Performing Tips"
December, 2010, "I'm Letting My Mind Wander" December, 2011, "The Sum is Greater than the Parts" December, 2012, "Public Speaking"




January, 2007, "A New Year" January, 2008, "Visualize a Happy New Year" January, 2009, "Happy And Prosperous New Year"
February, 2007, "Acknowledging" February, 2008, "The Future of Music Part I" February, 2009, "Keep Your Momentum Going"
March, 2007, "Making a Dream Happen" March, 2008, "The Future of Music Part 2" March, 2009, "Let Go of the Bad and Go For Good"
April, 2007, "Terry Dalton 1948-2007" April, 2008, "Performing: The Reality Part 1" April, 2009, "Sexism in Art"
May, 2007, "Frank Wolking of
Sons and Brothers"
May, 2008, "Performing: The Reality Part 2" May, 2009, "Story Songs"
June, 2007, "Recording Tips" June, 2008, "Performing: The Reality Part 3" June, 2009, "Don't Give Up"
July, 2007, "Just Plain Notes V1.165" July, 2008, "Writing For the Future" July, 2009, "Make it Up as You Go Along"
August, 2007, "Coaching" August, 2008, "America's Soul Live!" August, 2009, "Preconceptions"
September, 2007, "Plagarism" September, 2008, "Red Shoes " September, 2009, "Creativity or Obsession?"
October, 2007, "Back to Winfield" October, 2008, "One Wet Winfield" October, 2009, "A Good Band Web Site"
November, 2007, "Holiday Marketing" November, 2008, "The Power of Music" November, 2009, "Happy Songs"
December, 2007, "Master Class" December, 2008, "Collecting Music" December, 2009, "Rambling"
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January, 2004, "Faith" January, 2005, "Our First Anniversary" January, 2006, "Our Seond Anniversary"
February, 2004, "Accomplishment!" February, 2005, "Making a Profitable Club Date - The Changing Scene" "February, 2006, "Visualize and Dream"
March, 2004, "The Impact of Music"
March, 2005, "The Club Date Changing Scene" & "Public Service Announcement to Stringed Instrument Players" March, 2006, "Winfield KS"
April, 2004, "Dreams"
April, 2005, "Music as a Career?" April, 2006, "Your Own Web Page"
May, 2004, "Professionalism" May, 2005, "Physical Demands of Performing" May, 2006, "Work Less This Year"
June, 2004, "Business Buzz" June, 2005, "Miscellany" June, 2006, "Working With Club Owners"
July, 2004, "Performing" July, 2005, "Play the Hand You're Dealt" July, 2006, "Non-Smoking Venues"
August, 2004, "Fan Lists" August, 2005, "Songwriting" August, 2006, "The Price of Gas
September, 2004, "Mentoring" September, 2005, "Using Music to Help Others" September, 2006, "One Family Making Music"
October, 2004, "Playing Benefits" October, 2005, "History in the Making" October, 2006, "Winfield KS, Again"
November, 2004, "Networking" November, 2005, "AcousticByLines Revisions" November, 2006, "Acoustic Music"
December, 2004, "Healing with Music" December, 2005, "How to Practice" December, 2006, "Team Work"
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