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Sandy Reay


BJ Suter Song of the Rain CD
(cover art by B. J. Suter)

B. J. Suter
Song of the Rain ©2023
Sandy plays upright bass on #3 & #5

3. Dancin' Shoes (BJ Suter)

5. Midsummer Waltz (Bill Farmer / BJ Suter)


Melinda Writes, Iambic Beats
NeurOnFire ©2022
Sandy wrote and recites a line and a poem
which was included with spoken words by more than a dozen voices of Melinda Writes' friends and strangers from around the world

9. Depression Is...

  Melinda Writes Melinda A Smith NeurOnFire CD

Bring 'Em Home CD
    ("earsie" photos by Terry Nash)


Sandy Reay and Friends
Bring 'Em Home ©2020
Sandy plays acoustic bass guitar on 1, sings lead on 2, 11, sings harmony on 1, 3, 4, 8, and 10, and narrates 4, 6, 9, and 12.

  1. Bring 'Em Home (Sandra L. Reay, Terry Nash, Dave Schaper)
  2. Melinda Rose (Sandra L. Reay, John Nelson)
  3. Ride For The Win (Sandra L. Reay, John Nelson)
  4. Black Day (Sandra L. Reay)
  5. Glue-lot Cowboy (Sandra L. Reay, Tom Munch)
  6. Spitting Seeds (Sandra L. Reay)
  7. Diamonds and Gold (Sandra L. Reay, Floyd Beard, Tom Munch, Dave Schaper)
  8. Down At Joe's (Sandra L. Reay, John Nelson)
  9. Another Horse to Saddle (Sandra L. Reay)
  10. Wish You Were Here (Sandra L. Reay, Al "Doc" Mehl)
  11. Two Below The Hocks (Sandra L. Reay, Terry Nash, Ernie Martinez)
  12. Stitches (Sandra L. Reay)

Ernie Martinez
Sleigh Ridin'©2016
Sandy plays plucked and bowed upright bass on 9.

9. Away in a Manger

  Ernie Martinez, Sleigh Ridin' CD

Blue Range CD


Ernie Martinez
BlueRange ©2011
Sandy plays plucked upright bass on 5 and 11, and bowed bass on 11. She also wrote 5.

 5.  [Our] Last Roundup (Sandra L. Reay)
11.  Streets of Laredo


Sandy Reay and Friends
I Wanted to Fly ©2010
Sandy plays bass on 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13, sings lead on 5, 7, 10, 12 & 14, and sings harmony on 5.

  1. I Wanted to Fly (Sandra L. Reay)
  2. Black Leather Coat (Sandra L. Reay, JJ Fraser)
  3. Free Fall (Sandra L. Reay, BJ Suter)
  4. Already Gone (Sandra L. Reay)
  5. Maybe This Time (Sandra L. Reay)
  6. I'll Hold You Close (Sandra L. Reay, JJ Fraser)
  7. Red Shoes (Sandra L. Reay)
  8. State Line Cafe (Sandra L. Reay, BJ Suter)
  9. One Lonely Rider (Ernie Martinez, Sandra L. Reay)
  10. Hitchhiker (Sandra L. Reay)
  11. Car Full of Collies (Sandra L. Reay, BJ Suter)
  12. Black Creek (Sandra L. Reay)
  13. Whole Lotta Pain (Sandra L. Reay, Ernie Martinez)
  14. Sandstorm From Sedona (Sandra L. Reay)

I Wanted to Fly CD


CBMS 2009 Compilation CD


CBMS 2009
A Collection of Songs from 'Bands on Call' V ©2009
Sandy plays bass and sings harmony on Disk 1 - 10; plays bass, sings lead and wrote Disk 1 - 11; and plays bass and co-wrote Disk 2 - 13.

1-10. Rocky Mountain Jewgrass - Mah Nishtana (S. Rosenthal)
1-11. Sandy Reay - Hitchhiker (Sandra L. Reay)
2-13. WhoYaSay? - State Line Cafe (Sandra L. Reay, BJ Suter)


Michi Regier
Twisted Path
2003-2008: Five Years of Music
Sandy plays bass on 2, 9, 13 & 18

  2. Tamlin Swing
  9. Working on a Building
13. Whisky and Cigarettes
18. Train Songs

  Michi Regier Twisted Path Cd

Shalom Feivel and Rocky Mountain Jewgrass Live at Swallow Hill CD


Shalom Feivel & Rocky Mountain Jewgrass
Live at Swallow Hill ©2008
Sandy plays bass on all tracks, plays Dobro on 4, sings harmony on several tracks, wrote and sings lead on 3 & 8

  1. Thank God I'm a Jewish Boy (A. Lieberman)
  2. Hallelujah Land (N. Budin)
  3. I'm In It For the Food (Sandra L. Reay)
  4. Y'Varechecha (trad/R. Recht)
  5. Home on the Range (trad)
  6. Hashkiveinu (trad/M. Stein)
  7. Ma Tovu (trad/J. Greenfield, S. Epstein)
  8. Hitchhiker (Sandra L. Reay)
  9. Al Shlosha D'varim (trad/S. Dropkin)
  10. Blackberry Manischevitz (trad./Bennett Cohen)
  11. Mah Nishtana (Saul Rosenthal)
  12. Big Water (D. Cotler/ L. Cotler/S. Cotler/J. Max)
  13. Tzena Tzena (M. Parish/J. Haggis/I. Miron)
  14. Al Tiz'k'ru (trad/R. A. Joseph)

Ernie Martinez
Where I Make My Home ©2008
Sandy plays bass on 3 & 7, and co-wrote 7

3. Whole World Round (J. Stewart / M. Jayne)
7. One Lonely Rider (Ernie Martinez, Sandra L. Reay)


Ernie Martinez: Where I Make My Home CD

Shadow Mountain  String Band: Play Another Reel CD  

Shadow Mountain String Band
Play Another Reel
Sandy plays bass on all except 6 & 15

  1. Kesh Jig / Morrison's Jig
  2. Si Bheag Si Mhor
  3. Whiskey Before Breakfast / Temperance Reel / Red Haired Boy
  4. John Ryan's Polka / Flop Eared Mule
  5. Maltese Bransle
  6. Cue's Mug
  7. Green Willis / West Fork Gals
  8. The Butterfly
  9. Married Life Rag
  10. Spanish Waltz
  11. Bonnie's Carol
  12. Farewell to Whiskey / Campbell's Farewell / Drowsy Maggie
  13. Barbara's Waltz / Planxty Fanny Power / Jay's Blue Waltz
  14. Swallowtail / Road to Lisdoonvarna
  15. Westphalia Waltz / Star of the County Down
  16. Play Another Reel
CBMS 2007
A Collection of Songs from 'Bands on Call' IV ©2007
Sandy plays bass on Disk 2 - 8, sings on Disk 2 - 4, and wrote both songs.

4. Sandstorm From Sedona (Sandra L. Reay)
8. Bob Turner - Already Gone (Sandra L. Reay)


CBMS 2007 Compilation CD



Samdy Reay: Three For the Road CD


Sandy Reay
Three For the Road ©2006

  1. Sandstorm From Sedona (Sandra L. Reay)
  2. Already Gone (Sandra L. Reay)
  3. Hitchhiker (Sandra L. Reay)



Bob Turner
Nice Place to Visit ©2006
Sandy plays bass on 2, 4 6 & 11 and wrote 11.

  2. Bristlecone Pine (H. Prestwood)
  4. The Water is Wide (trad.)
  6. Fields of Gold (Sting)
11. Already Gone (Sandra L. Reay)
  Bob Turner: Nice Place to Visit CD
Djypsy Grass: Live CD

Djypsy Grass - Live

1. Blues Turkey
2. Butterfly
3. Cantiga 281
4. Old Joe Paganini
5. Villancico
6. Whisky and Cigarettes


CBMS 2005
A Collection of Songs from 'Bands on Call III ©2005
Sandy plays bass on Disk 2 - 7.

7. WhoYaSay? - Dancin' Shoes (B.J. Suter)

  CBMS 2005 Compilation CD
2004 Acoustic Soul Spring Session Demo
(Merryman Studios, Littleton CO)
Sandy plays bass on all 4 cuts

Annie Phillips
Annie ©2004
Sandy plays bass on 3, 5, and 12.

 3. A Walk in the Irish Rain (S Spurgin)
 5. You Oughta Be Here With Me (R Miller)
12. All Good Gifts (M Barrett)


Annie Phillips: Annie CD


Reckless Abandon: Watch Out! CD


  Reckless Abandon
Watch Out! ©2003
Picked as one of Print Magazine's Top 100 Designs!
Sandy plays bass on all cuts and sings on 14.
  1. Other Side of the Hill (C Pyle)
  2. This Shirt (M Chapin-Carpenter)
  3. Howlin' at the Moon (J Ratts/J McEuen)
  4. Someday Soon (I Tyson)
  5. Don't Know Much About Waltzin' (Dave Schaper/Tom Schaper)
  6. Past the Point of Rescue (Hanley)
  7. Give Me Wings (Fleming/Schlizt)
  8. I Only Have Eyes for You (Dubin/Warren)
  9. Nowhere Man (Lennon/McCartney)
  10. Turning of a Heart (Dave Schaper)
  11. I Got it Bad (Berg/Photoglo)
  12. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Vale/Capaldi/Carrick)
  13. Mercenary Song (S Earle)
  14. Rose of Cimarron (R. Young)
CBMS 2003
A Collection of Songs from 'Bands on Call' II ©2003
Sandy plays bass on 6 & 15.

 6. Reckless Abandon - Turning of a Heart (Dave Schaper)
15. WhoYaSay? - Midsummer Waltz (B Farmer / B.J. Suter)

CBMS 2003 Compilation CD

Jolly Demos Funny Stuff  

Jolly Demis' Funny Stuff

Act 4 - Sandy sings and yells with a cast of dozens.

Celtic Gold ©2002
Sandy plays bass on all cuts
  1. Da Full Rigged Ship / Da New Rigged Ship / Star of Munster
  2. Slockit Light
  3. Jig of Slurs / Athol Highlanders
  4. Scotland the Brave / Flowers of Edinborough
  5. Lord Inchiquin
  6. Smash the Windows / Merrily Kiss the Quaker
  7. Liberty / Over the Waterfall
  8. George Brabazon
  9. Butterfly / Kesh Jig / Morrison's
  10. Dennis Murphy's / John Ryan's / The Rose Tree
  11. Road to Lisdoonvarna / Swallowtail
  12. O'Carolan's Quarrel
  13. Kid on the Mountain / Larry O'Gaff / Gary Owen
  14. Lamb's Fold Valley / Rakes of Mallow /Tam Lin
  15. Boys of Blue Hill / Morpeth Rant

SkyeLark: Celtic Gold CD



SkyeLark: Turning of the Year CD


Turning of the Year ©2000
Sandy plays plucked bass

  1. Jeanette Isabelle
  2. Midnight Clear / Morning Has Broken
  3. We Three Kings / What Child is This
  4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Il Est Ne Le Divine Enfant
  5. Kol Slaven / Silent Night
  6. Somerset Wassail / Here We Come A Wassailing
  7. Christmas Day Ida Morning / Masters in This Hall / I Saw Three Ships
  8. Simple Gifts (Lord of the Dance)
  9. Hey Ho / Nonsuch
  10. Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance / Jump In the Sun
  11. Aro Que Nostro Seign Es Nat
  12. Ding Dong Merrily on High / Ode to Joy
  13. Korovushla
  14. Auld Lang Syne / Pachabel's Canon
Dancing Down the Moon ©1999
Sandy plays bass on all cuts and wrote 14
  1. Green Willis / West Fork Gals
  2. June Apple
  3. Shenandoah Falls / Oklahoma Rooster
  4. Ootpick Waltz
  5. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine / Around the Horn / Missouri
  6. Water Bound / Seneca Square Dance / Rush in the Pepper
  7. Child Grove
  8. Nixon's Farewell
  9. Lady's Triumph / Jaybird / Blackberry Blossom
  10. Colored Aristocracy / Soldiers Joy / Redwing
  11. Westfalia Waltz
  12. Scully's Reel
  13. John Stenson's #2 / Booth Shot Lincoln
  14. Cabin on the Prairie (Sandra L. Reay)
  15. Staten Island / Cuckoo's Nest

SkyeLark: Dancing Down the Moon CD


Dave Schaper: Nashberg, Tennessee CD . Dave Schaper 
Nashberg, Tennessee ©1999
Sandy plays bass on 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11

  2. Turning of a Heart (Dave Schaper)
  5. Don't Know Much About Waltzin' (Dave Schaper/Tom Schaper)
  7. Under My Nose (Dave Schaper)
  8. Long Hard Road (R Crowell)
  9. Inside the Man (Dave Schaper)
11. Nashberg, Tennessee (Dave Schaper)

Sandy Reay: There's a Dead Boy in the Attic tape and book

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