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Brian McClure

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Brian McClure
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Brian McClure plays drums like he was born to play drums. He doesn't just anchor a band, he feels the music and enhances it.

When asked about the bands he most enjoyed playing with, he said, "The list of all bands is long, so it was hard whittling it down to a handful. I've been very fortunate to have played in numerous successful Colorado bands (country, bluegrass, classic rock, blues), over the last 40 years that stayed together for several years. That said, my most enjoyable were Tempa & the Tantrums, Roadcone Blues Band, The Mustangs, ODZ-n-ENZ, Sons & Brothers and The Atomic Fireballs.

His drummer heroes include Doug Clifford, Richie Hayward, Omar Hakim, Steve Jordan, Jim Keltner, Russ Kunkel and Lenny White.

What inspired him to play drums? Again, so many things. The history of the drums' place in civilization, especially within Native American culture. The SOUNDS of drums! The magnificence and invitation to be played that a drum set presents!

Brian LOVES the drums and LOVES being a drummer! Watch out for times he substitutes for Founders: Bands, Singers, Songwriters, Solo Performers, Sidemen, Instrumentalists, Performers, Entertainers, Musicians, Places to Hear Acoustic Music, Locations, Venues, Clubs, Festivals, Business and Services Supporting Acoustic Music, Music Stores, Musical Instruments, Music Teachers Ernie Martinez with Dustin Devine and the Real Deal.


J.J. Fraser and The Pynedrops:
(L to R) Mike Edmondson, Spencer Pyne, Brian McClure, J.J. Fraser, Stacy McClure
Colorado Sandstorm Concert
Monument CO
June 17 2022
(photo by Cindy Davis)

JJ Fraser and the Pynedrops, Monument CO June 17 2022
(photo by Cindy Davis)
Colorado Sandstorm Concert with JJ Fraser and the Pynedrops
Colorado Sandstorm Concert
with opening act: JJ Fraser & the Pynedrops and featured act: Dan Navarro
Monument CO June 17 2022
(L to R): Mike Edmondson, Spencer Pyne, Ernie Martinez, Brian, JJ Fraser, (Ed Skibbe sound), Stacy McClure
photo by Cowgirl Camera
photo by Terry Georgia
Sandstorm Rooftop Concert, Monument CO, Sept 5 2021
(L to R): Mike Edmondson, Stacy McClure, Brian, Spencer Pyne, Sandy Reay, Dan Navarro
(photo by Terry Georgia)
with Soda Blue photo by Cowgirl Camera with Spencer Pyne, Stacy McClure, Soda Blue photo by Cowgirl Camera
with Spencer Pyne, Stacy McClure, Soda Blue
(photo by Cowgirl Camera)
Brian in a corner Brian at an outdoor event
marriage to Stacy Cushing McClure
marriage to Stacy Cushing McClure
with Sol-Fed-Joe at Ziggies
with Sol-Fed-Joe at Ziggies
with the Mustangs incl Jackie and Fred Holzhauer 2007
The Mustangs 2007


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