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Rock'n'Roll Philosophy

The gig's going really well. I mean really well. The crowd is going wild - people are dancing, yelling, and applauding loudly after every song, and the house is packed. There's someone who looks to be a talent agent in the back. The whole band is having a great night, hitting every groove, pulling off every little detail to make it right.

The guitarist thinks, "We're going to be famous. I'm going to be famous! Everyone's going to know my name. I'm going to have a lot of sex."

The drummer thinks, "We're going to be rich. So rich. I'm going to buy a ton of gear."

The singer/rhythm guitarist thinks, "This is wonderful. I can finally support my designer drug habit."

The bassist thinks, "G-D-C-D-G."

{see Jazz Philosophy}

— contributed by Steve Langer

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